How to Respect Yourself & Protect Your Motivation

By: Sonia Di Maulo, Feedback Enthusiast

Sources of Miscommunication

Communicating during a meetingHave you ever expressed your thoughts or given instructions, and assumed that you were understood perfectly—only to find out later that your words were misinterpreted? This is a common occurrence in workplace communications and everyday life.

I wrote on this topic recently on the Lead Change Group blog. There, I offer suggestions on how to avoid miscommunication. One of the most straightforward ways to do this is to find out whether your messages are being transmitted and interpreted clearly.

Asking for Feedback

I realized that this all connects to February’s blog theme: If you love yourself, you will have enough respect for yourself to make sure what you meant to communicate actually went through. If you respect yourself enough to ensure clarification and protect your motivation, you will exude an air of confidence.

Asking for feedback on your own communication methods shows a lot of self respect and self awareness. And the way that you ask for the feedback can make all the difference as well!

Read my post over at Lead Change Group for more on this topic, and join the conversation in the comments!

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Sonia Di Maulo (BA in Communication Studies and MA in Educational Technology) is Founder and Lead Feedback Enthusiast of Harvest Performance. She has witnessed the power of authentic feedback move mountains! Sonia is currently working on getting her first book published, The Apple Seed, a story of a brave little apple and his quest to find purpose and connection with the apple orchard. Her Workshops, Coaching, and Keynotes are aimed at getting you ready to cultivate trust and collaboration!

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