Your Perspective: Establishing Trust through Authentic Communication

By: Joanna Eng, Blog Editor

Get excellent actionable techniques that cultivate trust and collaboration!

Can you believe that March is already here? We’re ready to introduce this month’s theme, but keep in mind that you are still welcome to comment on February’s theme (Love Yourself) and January’s theme (Accepting Feedback).

Here Are Your Posts

Great Leaders Make Others Great by Dan Rockwell, Mar 1, 2011

Leadership: Fostering a Culture of Trust by Jasbindar Singh, Mar 3, 2011
6 Ways to Make People Feel Essential by Scott Ginsberg (@nametagscott), Mar 11, 2011
How to Say “I Don’t Trust You!” by Thabo Hermanus, Mar 17, 2011

March’s Theme

TrustWhen someone asks for feedback, that person is usually looking for the truth. Honest, sincere, authentic communication isn’t always easy to do. But when you are able to —especially in a way that comes across as helpful—a special bond is formed. Trust is established!

Establishing this bond of trust through authentic communication can be difficult. Have you ever achieved it? Share your thoughts on these questions:

How does feedback or authentic communication help establish trust in a relationship (either professional or personal)?

Why is this important?

What tips and techniques have worked for you to establish trust with your colleagues, bosses, friends, and family?

Be Featured on the Blog

During the month of March and beyond, we’ll be featuring your perspectives, thoughts, examples, and anecdotes about trust and feedback.

  • If you have something to say on the subject, email with your guest post, which can be 400 words or less. Please include a short bio and photo of yourself.
  • You can also contribute by adding your comments to this post!

Looking forward to your contributions!


Sonia’s mission is to help you cultivate trust and collaboration!

Sonia Di Maulo (BA in Communication Studies and MA in Educational Technology) is Founder and Lead Feedback Enthusiast of Harvest Performance. She has witnessed the power of authentic feedback move mountains! Sonia is currently working on getting her first book published, The Apple Seed, a story of a brave little apple and his quest to find purpose and connection with the apple orchard. Her Workshops, Coaching, and Keynotes are aimed at getting you ready to cultivate trust and collaboration!

It’s time to harvest performance!

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