What I do

Helping your leaders Cultivate Trust and Collaboration

I motivate people to:

  • Focus on the positive
  • Excel
  • Improve
  • Communicate
  • Celebrate success
  • Feedback
  • Empower others
  • Lead
  • Learn

I do this when coaching, facilitating, speaking, parenting, training trainers, volunteering, and developing performance improvement & communication programs.

My passion and promise is to partner with you (I’m talking REAL teamwork) to:

  • Improve the human working environment: increase retention (get them to stay) and increase morale (they want to stay and excel).
  • Foster a workplace where communication is human, clear, respectful, and consistent.
  • Study your work environment, celebrate successes, find “small-win” improvements, and focus on getting people to focus on each other and communicate in a way that makes going to work something to look forward to: a place where performance is focused, valued, supported, improved, and recognized!

The outcome…?

Outstanding, committed, happy people influencing the bottom line!

10 Little Known Facts about Sonia

  1. I am consistent, ethical, successful, and professional and have earned a reputation for quality.
  2. I have excellent leadership, organization, communication and writing skills.
  3. My Master’s degree in Educational Technology (Instructional Design) has given me the skills to learn any field of expertise quickly and to convey and integrate  the information in its simplest form.
  4. My Bachelor’s Degree in Communications helps me see daily conversations, the work environment, and people in a unique way! Clear, honest, direct communication is my guide stick; it directs all aspects of my work (and life).
  5. I have 2 beautiful boys, Noah and Samuel, who provide me with wonderful opportunities to practice what I preach!
  6. I believe that:
    • Focusing on a *solution* is the only way to address a challenge.
    • Not having all the answers usually leads to complete and solid solutions.
    • Processes, products, and employees regarded as “works in progress” can grow, improve, and excel.
  7. I work on multiple projects (often with tight deadlines) and work with excellent, professional, and talented teams for larger projects.
  8. I travel around the world to provide coaching and training to global leaders and their teams.
  9. My daily experiences, focusing on the positive, and helping others achieve total recognition and respect are the foundations for my passion.
  10. I have an incredible and loving husband who stands by me AND is a fantastic cook!

Ultimate Feedback!

I have worked in multimedia and technology design, development and project management since 1995. In 1998, I started my consulting practice and have been working with various companies in diverse sectors (Aviation, Banking, Insurance, Pharma, Property Management, Railway, Retail, and TeleCommunications).

The ultimate feedback I receive is from learners and participants (during training, coaching, or speaking engagements) and from my peers and clients; I received the:
  • 2003 and 2010 ISPI Award of Excellence for Outstanding Instructional Product or Intervention.
  • The 2004 ISPI Lifetime Chapter Membership Award.
  • IATA Instructor Accreditation.
I also co-chaired the ISPI Montreal Regional Conference in 2004 and 2006.
In addition to the skills, education and experience that I bring to all projects, I have incredible enthusiasm and passion for the work that I do. This energy allows me to work through challenges to help leaders and their teams achieve their goals.

The key to achieving success is with solid leadership and effective communication – both of which I continue to perfect in all that I undertake. I look forward to helping your leaders and their teams achieve long-term success.

Sonia Di Maulo

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